About Us


Based in South Africa, Victoria Silver & Jewellery has it’s own distinctive African ethnic feel. And with the abundance of raw materials such as natural semi-precious stones found here in Southern Africa, our designs have become a gradual merging of Southern African and global ethnicity with the natural elements of the earth itself. The eclectic source of our inspiration comes from a fusion of old world symbolism with wood textures, the movement of rivers, semi-precious stones and bronze castings, so redolent of African art, to create a striking balance between geometric and organic design.

We started out just over 23 years ago in our small but creative silver workshop, where we experimented with numerous silver metal textures, creating funky three-dimensional and wearable silver art forms to suit the individual who is creative at heart, and which could be worn and enjoyed everyday, complimenting all personalities

We wanted to put our product out there in an unconventional and distinctive way. We bring sculptural silver to the discerning shopper in its original, but refined form, maintaining the character of many ancient cultures. Victoria Silver & Jewellery is truly South African in this respect. We believe that fashion expresses simply the beauty of wearing old and new world elegance with style. How each individual does this is distinctive. This requires a fine balance between looking and feeling good, between knowing who you are and where you come from, between culture and refinement. What our individual silver jewellery pieces offer is simply a style, for the enjoyment of unique and creative jewellery scupltures. Victoria Silver Handcrafted Jewellery is only available, at this time, from our on - line store

Our Handcrafted Products range between R 395 - R 3950 (excluding shipping/postage), and are made from 9.25 silverand semi-precious stones